Here at Liberty Galleries, we’ve chosen a business model and personal philosophy that offers our clients tremendous advantages over the traditional methods of acquiring rare coins. We’ve gathered together an experienced, professional staff, with over 20 years in the business, who understand that a relationship is more important than a sale, efficient administrators, and the most competent wholesale buyer in the numismatic industry.

Liberty’s reputation as well as our client base has continued to grow over the years due to of our non-aggressive and personal approach to designing each client’s individual numismatic portfolio, with honesty and integrity always being our hallmark. We have never tried to compete with the numerous companies hawking generic coins on the Internet and through mail order catalogs nor will you ever experience the high pressure, fast talking salesman that seems to be so prevalent today.

By making a commitment to eliminate all waste and unnecessary expenses for our business, we are able to offer exceptional material at extraordinary prices. Our pricing is competitive with the strongest players in the industry, and because of our streamlined business approach, our service and shipping times are radically superior than people have come to expect from other companies.

As I’m sure you may know, there are many numismatic firms in the U.S. Most of these companies sell generic gold and silver coins, and promote whatever will make a profit for them, regardless of the potential to you. One of the reasons we have an extremely loyal client base, is because we pride ourselves on building balanced numismatic portfolios with genuinely rare, low population coins with the utmost potential for appreciation. We never recommend a coin that we’re not willing to assist you in reselling and maximizing appreciation is always our priority. There are many advantages to having a percentage of your money in a rare coin portfolio and privacy is just one of the many that we’ll be happy to discuss with you in the future.

Every coin we select for our clients is handpicked for rarity, quality and eye appeal. In fact many of our coins would be excellent candidates for upgrades or premium quality designation. Everyone should pride himself or herself in being the best they can be at something in life. Numismatics is what we do best, and having an inside track in this industry affords our clients a distinct advantage. 

We are located in beautiful, downtown Bridgeport, Connecticut and if you’re ever in our area, we invite you to come visit our offices and showroom.

Whether you are interested in buying, selling, trading, or just further educating yourself in numismatics, you owe it to yourself to give Liberty Galleries a chance to compete for your business and earn your confidence. 

From the Liberty family to yours, we thank you for your interest and look forward to being of service.